Residential Sealant Services

A company that cares

We’re proud of our excellent reputation serving domestic customers, often saving them thousands of pounds against the cost of what they have been quoted for new windows or bathrooms. For landlords and housing associations, we are an invaluable part of repairing and maintaining properties for tenants. We pride ourselves on honesty, fair pricing and great work – carried out by experienced and knowledgable tradesmen. 


Our domestic services are supported by our no-obligation, free Home Quotation service, at times to suit you. They include;


Is the sealant around your bath, shower sink or toilet beginning to mould and mildew, looking dirty and unsightly? We can quickly and effectively reseal the area with a watertight seal of high quality silicone with anti-fungal properties. Have a look at our gallery for some pictures of recent work.


Unsealed or badly sealed gaps can cause problems in an area where hygiene is of the utmost importance. The kitchen is also the heart of the home and precision sealant with crisp, fresh lines in a complimentary colour can be the finishing touch or indeed a touch up and refresh!

Windows & Doors

Are your windows draughty and noisy or do they move and rattle with the weather? Faulty sealant around windows and doors is one of the main causes of energy loss at home, adding to your utility bills and leaving gaps for water to get in. Our WindowSaver service can remedy all of these problems. 

Joint Sealing

Over time buildings can move as they settle and gaps may appear. Effective joint sealing is crucial to ensuring the durability of a building – damp can easily take hold, compromising both the stability and integrity of the building. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will likely ever undertake, so it makes sense to take care of it. 



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Do you need your bathroom, bath or shower resealed in Glasgow? We cut out and reseal bathrooms including removal of mouldy bathroom silicone sealants; shower and bath sealants and fix window seals using anti-mould and anti-fungal silicone sealant. We offer comprehensive commercial mastic joint sealing operations in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.